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Another hot & hip lunch concept in the hustle and bustle of the nine little streets in Amsterdam. Ree7 is small and intimate (like every other place in the Jordaan) and serves freshly baked bread, homemade soups and tasty salads. It’s also the go-to place for a glass of wine and some cheese to end your shopping spree. But what truly enriches this popular Amsterdam neighborhood is the restaurant being open for dinner on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


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La Gallina Bianca

If you’re a business or company located in the area of Rome Termini Station you’ll probably already get your lunch at La Gallina Bianca sometimes. For those who do not, it’s worth the visit. The fact that the place is packed with locals every day tells a lot. The restaurant is famous for its amazing pizza’s, pasta’s and meat dishes. Not to mention its ideal location in central Rome. Don’t go there to be amazed by the interior design and trendy cocktails on the menu. This is not some new, hip hotspot or ‘place to be’. Just go for a good Italian meal, nice glass of wine, friendly staff and you won’t be disappointed.

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La Maria

The place is tiny: no more than 8 tables. The menu is small and simple: no more than 5 main courses to choose from. The location is not ideal: all the way in the South neighbourhood of Amsterdam. And on top of all this: the place doesn’t even have it’s own website. But all of the above is inconsiderable once you’ve had your first dinner at La Maria. The Southern European (mostly Italian) food is fresh and amazing. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients. Don’t believe it? See for yourself. The food is cooked and prepared in the open kitchen, with the brick kiln right in the corner of the restaurant. You can watch the chef’s every move. It’s like eating in the owners’ kitchen. Food prepared with love, that’s what you get at La Maria. The wine menu is very good as well. You can even order any wine on the menu by the glass. Ready to go? The address is Vechtstraat 79 in Amsterdam.

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Il Tempio del Gusto

Located in the heart of Italy’s Umbria region, Spoleto is often chosen as a base to explore the area. It’s a charming, quiet little city located on a hill’s slide with its own ancient Roman acquaduct. But most of all…Spoleto houses one of Umbria’s best restaurants, Il Tempio del Gusto. This family owned restaurant is small and intimate inside but also offers outdoor seating. As Umbria is known for its mushrooms, black truffles and wild game, many of the dishes at Il Tempio del Gusto contain just that. Pair it with a glass of local Sagrantino wine to fully embrace the Umbrian experience. Owner Eros Patrizi is a passionate chef and carefully prepares the tasty and beautifully presented dishes while his wife Manuella cares for her guests in the most attentive way. An evening at Il Tempio del Gusto feels warm, welcoming and will prove to be the ultimate gastronomic experience at a reasonable price. Reservations are advisable, especially during weekends and/or in summertime. Do you want to take some Il Tempio home with you? They also offer classes from the Master himself.

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Zagat’s survey 2011 research showed that Italian food is by far the most popular among New Yorkers. No wonder Eataly‘s founders decided to create a 50,000 square foot Italian food market place – or mecca if you like – in New York City’s Flatiron District. Eataly is the city’s perfect destination for (Italian) food lovers to find Italian delicacies and wines, a culinary educational center and a range of high quality eateries. But don’t even dare calling it a giant food court! One of the owners Mario Batali explains: “This isn’t a selection of restaurants under one roof. This is a retail store where we peddle the greatest of Italian gastronomy to people who want to eat it and know how to appreciate it.” Besides a great shopping experience, Eataly does offer several places to sit down. For a formal dining experience you can get a table at Manzo, which offers both traditional and modern Italian meat dishes. Or meet up with friends at Eataly’s enoteca La Piazza, with marble bars and standing tables where you can enjoy a glass of fine wine paired with delicious meats and cheeses. The most recently opened restaurant is Birreria, a laid back rooftop restaurant/beer brewery with a wide range of specialty beers and complimenting dishes. Buon appetito!

Besides New York, Eataly has stores in Italy and Japan, check the website for store locations!

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Bistrot Neuf

‘Life is too short to drink bad wines’ is Bistrot Neuf‘s slogan. We like it already! It’s not a cafe. It’s not a restaurant. It’s something exactly in between: a bistro. The idea is to have honest, recognizable food in an uncomplicated environment with wine as the bases. The attractive Haarlemmerstraat area, with all its restaurants and nightlife, became even more attractive the minute Neuf opened its doors. Great food, intimate atmosphere and a wine menu that’s adjusted to the season. Nice!

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Bar Cañete

Bar Cañete is the perfect escape from all Rambla tourist traps. After shaking off all persistent – if not aggressive – restaurant owners you quickly flee into this quiet little street to discover tradional dishes in a great old-school decor. Most seating is directly at the bar, which forms the heart of the very long and very narrow restaurant. The lack of tourists just makes everything so much better. High quality food, the friendliest staff of all Barcelona and a perfectly organized chaos. Although at the bar you’re not able to look directly at the rest of your party, there are so many other details that catch your gaze. All dishes are tapas size and are prepared right in front of you where you have a full view of the kitchen. Their specialty is (shell)fish but the few meat dishes they serve are mouth-watering too. No wonder this place has become one of the most popular Barcelona restaurants in such a short time!


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La Fabbrica Pizzeria

La Fabbrica Pizzeria should be your last stop before hitting Milan’s clubs. This factory-turned-restaurant is located just off Corso Como, the center of Milan’s nightlife. The crude industrial interior and friendly staff account for a laid-back atmosphere, the food and wine accomodate everyone’s taste and budget. They serve a wide choice in pizzas and other typical Mediterranean dishes. Whether you want to hang out here for the evening or just grab a late night pizza before going out, La Fabbrica is the place. Did you ever hear the advice “never to drink on an empty stomach”? After having eaten their tasty Calzone Peppina you’re good to go on all night!

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Clos Maggiore

For a true fairytale dining experience you take your loved one(s) to Clos Maggiore. This French fantasy just off Covent Garden’s busy square serves magical food and a very very extensive wine selection. In fact, the wine list is presented in an encyclopedia-sized book that every magician would envy!  Where’s the magic? – You’ll find it in the courtyard conservatory with its enchanting forest and starry sky. The crackling fire, dimmed lights and quietness create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Only bring your date here if you’re serious about him or her – this restaurant works like a love spell! Don’t forget to request for a table in the conservatory when making a reservation.

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Vesper Bar

This tiny bar within walking distance from the Central train station has gained quite a reputation since its founding in 2010.  Named after the only Bond-girl that James ever really loved – Vesper Lynd – this bar serves a wide range of both shaken and stirred. Requests for cosmopolitans, mojitos or sex on the beach’s are grudgingly honored but if you want to make the bar tenders really happy, allow them to mix you their own cocktail. Freestyle. Cosy with a living room feeling yet sophisticated with an award winning bartender team at your service. Vesper Bar is definitely a hidden city gem.

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