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Grace Hotel

Get ready for a blast from the past at the Grace Hotel in Dharamsala! This family-run hotel perfectly captures Indian heritage with colorful decorations in a peaceful environment. The staff are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home. Why visit the North of India, you might wonder?  – cool mountain air, lush green forests and scenic beauty. The best part about the Grace Hotel is that you are very close to the travellers’ Mecca McLeodganj without being stuck in the loud, touristy center. The hotel manager’s brother is more than happy to drive you up the hill to visit the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Bhagsu waterfall or to hang with the backpackers at Moonpeak Espresso. At the end of the day, return to the Grace Hotel for some peace and quiet while watching the sunset from the balcony. Be sure to request a room with a view – we promise it will take your breath away!

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The second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg, appears to be a great city-trip destination year-round. Thought you’d end up in a grubby city, full of concrete, industry and air pollution? Guess again. Hamburg is more of a ‘green city’ than one might think. Full of city parks, charming old buildings and villa’s… and of course the big Alster lake, Hamburg is actually quite chique. A perfect hang out for a Friday night cocktail (or any other night for that matter) is the 20up sky bar in the Riverside Hotel. On the 20th floor of this hotel, 90 meters above the roofs of Hamburg, the bar gives you an unforgettable view of the Elbe, the harbour and the city itself. Floor-to-ceiling windows (7 meters high!) and a cocktail menu the size of a phone book will make you stay up very late. Booking a room at the Riverside Hotel might not be a bad idea.

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