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La Gallina Bianca

If you’re a business or company located in the area of Rome Termini Station you’ll probably already get your lunch at La Gallina Bianca sometimes. For those who do not, it’s worth the visit. The fact that the place is packed with locals every day tells a lot. The restaurant is famous for its amazing pizza’s, pasta’s and meat dishes. Not to mention its ideal location in central Rome. Don’t go there to be amazed by the interior design and trendy cocktails on the menu. This is not some new, hip hotspot or ‘place to be’. Just go for a good Italian meal, nice glass of wine, friendly staff and you won’t be disappointed.

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Da Francesco

We hate to use the term, but Da Francesco is really a ‘must-visit’ when in Rome. The place has no www and the tourists aren’t aware. It’s packed every night, but it’s mostly locals. This fine Italian restaurant is situated at the tiny square Piazza del Fico, only a minute walk away from crowded Piazza Navona. Therefore a true ‘hidden gem’ (jeez, another of these cliche travel terms). Why go here? Well, first and foremost because of the divine Italian food on the menu. And no, being in Rome doesn’t mean you’ll be served the best pasta’s and pizza’s around every corner. Truthfully, it’s actually quite challenging to find a restaurant with friendly staff and good Italian food that isn’t overprized. Da Francesco serves amazing Italian food, is reasonably prized and the staff is having fun and laughing all evening while working extremely hard. Yes, they will even just look you into your eyes while they’re taking your order. No grumpy waiters (sick of all the tourists) at this place! Tried and recommended: spaghetti carbonara.

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Grand Cafe and Beach

Imagine yourself sitting on the white sand, watching the sun go down in the sea, while enjoying a fine glass of champagne. That’s what to expect at the Grand Cafe & Beach in Cape Town. You can relax and do nothing, however this place is also perfect for having dinner with a group of friends. They have a really special appetizer: a freshly baked rectangular pizza, that stretches out over the entire table for everyone to enjoy. Straight from the authentic stone oven, this pizza is delicious. For their main courses they have fantastic meats and fishes. You won’t be disappointed. The industrial-esque interior makes it feel like you’re having dinner in an old warehouse, be it one with eye-catching furniture. Can we call it modernist kitsch? The wall behind the giant bar is completely covered with the most beautiful bottles of liquor. A must-visit when in Cape Town.

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La Fabbrica Pizzeria

La Fabbrica Pizzeria should be your last stop before hitting Milan’s clubs. This factory-turned-restaurant is located just off Corso Como, the center of Milan’s nightlife. The crude industrial interior and friendly staff account for a laid-back atmosphere, the food and wine accomodate everyone’s taste and budget. They serve a wide choice in pizzas and other typical Mediterranean dishes. Whether you want to hang out here for the evening or just grab a late night pizza before going out, La Fabbrica is the place. Did you ever hear the advice “never to drink on an empty stomach”? After having eaten their tasty Calzone Peppina you’re good to go on all night!

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