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The Little Door

In the mood for a romantic evening? Step into The Little Door. The “hidden” doors might not reveal much, but once you step inside…romance galore! Candles, soft music, brick flooring and beautiful plants turn this restaurant into an enchanted garden. The Mediterranean menu matches the rustic decor, with classic ingredients in modern-style dishes. Prices are a little steep but romantic dinners are not the occasion to be stingy, right? When you plan to come with a group, check out the private dining options, such as the Blue Room or Piano Room. Make sure not to confuse this restaurant with the brasserie Little Next Door, which is – surprise – next door. It might have more curb appeal with the large patio out front, but when it comes to romance we believe nothing beats a hidden little garden.

The Little Door interior

The Little Door romantic

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Anokhi Café

When traveling in India’s Golden Triangle, Jaipur is a city you should definitely pay a visit to. Although this city is famous for its colored gems, when it comes to restaurants, a true hidden gem is hard to find. After eating only spicy Indian rice dishes you just might long for a different taste in a Western setting. Stepping into Anokhi Café is like a breath of fresh air in this sizzling hot city. With an all organic menu, easy breezy interior and friendly staff, this café is unique in the area. Most items on the menu consist of locally grown ingredients: fresh breads, cakes, snacks, “safe” salads and light seasonal dishes, everything with a tasty, international flavor. What else is so great about this place? It is part of the Anokhi shop next door, a brand known for traditional Indian clothing, linens and accessories with trendy designs. It’s probably the only place in Jaipur without the pushy sales people – perfect for an after-lunch shopping spree.


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When in Antwerp and looking for a healthy meal, Lombardia is the answer. It’s an all biological restaurant that serves gluten, lactose free and biological dishes. More than 80% of their menu is vegetarian. But not to worry. Your vegetarian salad is much more than some lettuce, tomato and mayonaise. Expect a plate full of nuts, seeds and at least ten species of vegetables and sprouts. Tip: the Lombardia breakfast is divine and superhealthy! Don’t forget to try their famous ginger tea. And all of this in the midst of Antwerp’s refined shopping area ‘Wilde Zee’ (wild sea), where you’ll find exclusive delicatessen and cosy coffee bars. With a visit to Lombardia you will enter in the footsteps of Moby, who eats and drinks at Lombardia regularly.

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