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With two locations in Amsterdam, Hutspot is the newest, trendiest place to sip our Saturdaymorning coffee. Maybe even too trendy. Only go here if you’re not afraid of running into typical Amsterdam hipsters. That said, they do serve delicious coffee, sandwiches (served with potato chips) and cakes.
Hutspot Amsterdam

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The Harbour Club

Rumor has it the Harbour Club is going to be Amsterdam’s place-to-be for the summer of 2012. Despite it’s less than central location in the East part of Amsterdam (Zeeburg) this new hotspot might still be worth while paying a visit. Why? A. Because the East area is starting to grow out into a trendy part of town full of good restaurants and bars, and honestly: this place is unlike anything else Amsterdam has to offer. B. The Harbour Club has an enormous terrace right by the water, including beautiful loungy sofa’s and chairs. C. It’s a restaurant, cocktail bar and night club all-in-one. And D. Because every now and then there’s a DJ playing music in the restroom area. That’s a first.

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