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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat from the Boucan hotel group is highly recommended when staying on the island of Saint Lucia. Why? Because it’s situated on the most beautiful part of the island, away from the other enormous hotels/resorts, in a more secluded area. But the most important reason to go here is to immerse yourself in a world of chocolate. The entire resort (14 beautiful cottages) is built on a plantation that’s been harvesting cacao since the 1700’s. As a guest at the resort you can harvest your own cacao and make chocolate from it. Not in the mood for Do It Yourself? You can also just order the “Full Cacao” spa treatment or just kick back with a poolside martini.

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Dwarika’s hotel

Nepal is famous for its many trekking destinations, and since Kathmandu has the only international airport, this is most likely the city where you’ll start and end your mountain adventure. Trekking in the Himalayas is the perfect excuse to indulge in luxury afterwards, so we present to you one of the best hotels of Kathmandu: Dwarika’s. Although prices are just as steep as the five-star business hotels in the area, Dwarika’s is the only place that truly captures and preserves Nepal’s heritage and hospitality. Rooms are large, beautifully furnished and provide all the comfort you need after trekking. The hotel offers plenty of facilities and services, such as a large swimming pool, relaxing spa and morning yoga classes. The buildings of Dwarika’s are fairly new but are created with the use of ancient elements like carved doors and pillars. Dwarika’s courtyard opens up to the hotel’s three restaurants and is decorated with sculptures, decorative lighting and  lots of greenery, making it a magical little hideaway in the crowded city of Kathmandu.



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