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Stop reading this if you’re afraid of heights. Soaring 88 stories above the ground is this HIGH quality gem 360 Bar & Dining. A must-visit when you’re in Sydney. Next to the stunning bird’s-eye view of the city, the restaurant rotates to offer a 360-degree panorama. The menu is “modern Australian” with delicious fish dishes and a large selection of grill items (boy, do they love their barbie..!) Reserve well in advance on a quiet weekday so you can take your time to enjoy the views. Expect high (and fixed) prices. We would definitely recommend it for a special occasion or during a one-time visit to Sydney. Not willing to pay the price but dying to see the views? – Have a drink at the bar, just as spectacular.

360  3601

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Excelsior Milano

If you could compose your favorite store, what would it look like? It would definitely be located in the heart of fashion capital Milan. And you would like the store to be filled with emerging fashion brands and some trusted classics. The design of the store would be an architect’s dream: courageous and innovative, making you feel like you’re shopping inside an art gallery. The beauty department must have a wide selection of exclusive brands that can’t be found elsewhere. And to top it off, you would throw in those colorful Ladurée macaroons that you love so much and – what the heck – a Tiffany’s. This must have been the trail of thought of the founder of Excelsior Milano, which is the name of your favorite store to be. With labels including Sergio Rossi, Proenza Schoeler, Christian Louboutin and contemporary American designers such as Rag & Bone and Theory, this store will most definitely be a success. In true Italian tradition, Excelsior also makes a tribute to food with Eat’s, a supermarket filled with the most delicious meats, fish, vegetables and wines. Excelsior Milano opened in september 2011 and is planned to open in several other Italian cities over the next few years.

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Blancaneaux Lodge

Paradise in the rainforest – there is no other way to describe this beautiful hideaway in Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Owner Francis Ford Coppola actually used Blancaneaux Lodge as a family retreat before opening it to the public. And we’re so happy he did. This luxury resort has 20 rooms but the staff and the quietness of the rainforest make you feel like you’re the only ones there. Next to “normal” cabañas (with private pools!), they offer larger family cabanas, a 2-bedroom villa with open-air living room and the enchanted cottage, where Coppola probably wrote many of his famous screenplays. The resort has both an Italian and a Guatamalan restaurant where they are more than happy to pour you a glass of wine from the Francis Coppola Winery. Is there anything this man can’t do?? If all this great service, relaxing pools and the flowing river get too boring for you, there are plenty opportunities to seek adventure. Take a tour across the Guatamalan border to see the Maya sites of Tikal, go horseback riding at sunrise or go tubing in the famous ATM caves. Blancaneaux Lodge is the perfect place to explore beautiful Belize in a luxurious and enchanting way.

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The Japanese textile company UNIQLO is quickly becoming New York’s hottest retailer. Be sure to pay a visit to the brand’s flagship store in Soho to stock up on your favorite basics. Every (basic) garment you could possibly need can be found here and they are all made from the most huggable fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool. The best part is that it’s SO cheap that you can’t leave the store without at least one item. You can get a basic V-neck cashmere sweater for as little as $89,50 or a longsleeve natural skin T-shirt for only $12,90. With all those neat piles of colorful and touchable items, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store! The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to make the trip to one of the 3 New York stores since UNIQLO is also coloring the streets of London, Paris, Moscow as well as many Asian countries.

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The Funzi Keys

After a 15 minute flight from Mombasa the plane will land on the resort’s private landing strip and you will enter a setting like you’ve never seen before. The uniqueness of this resort is how it’s tucked away on an unspoilt island in the Indian Ocean. Only the Funzi Keys’ nine cottages occupy the island and nothing else. Watching the African sunset from your private jacuzzi at your luxurious beach front cottage, will make you experience serenity like never before. Thinking of escaping your busy, hectic life and unwind? The Funzi Keys is where to go. But please be prepared to pay high prices. Though it’s nice that all meals and a visit to the sand bank (which is stunningly beautiful) are included in their nightly roomrate.

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