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Bo Cinq

The populair bar and restaurant Bo Cinq, which opened it’s doors in 2009, has been re-decorating. The best feature is definitely the extremely long cocktail bar. On the menu is a mixture of tasty French and Arabic dishes. But you might as well skip dinner and order a cocktail. They are specialized in gin & tonics. L1004963-Edit L1003503-Edit

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What a great solution for modern-day working girls (or guys) in the city: at Bilder&TheClercq you can choose between 9 different recipes and shop all the ingredients for it. The recipes are easy, no-nonsense, healthy and delicious! Shopping for dinner at this new hotspot in the Western area of Amsterdam means being aware of the environment and the world’s eco-system. Because if you need only one clove of garlic, you can just buy only one clove of garlic. Say goodbye to the days that you find rotten veggies in the back of your refrigerator.

Bilder and DeClercq

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The Harbour Club

Rumor has it the Harbour Club is going to be Amsterdam’s place-to-be for the summer of 2012. Despite it’s less than central location in the East part of Amsterdam (Zeeburg) this new hotspot might still be worth while paying a visit. Why? A. Because the East area is starting to grow out into a trendy part of town full of good restaurants and bars, and honestly: this place is unlike anything else Amsterdam has to offer. B. The Harbour Club has an enormous terrace right by the water, including beautiful loungy sofa’s and chairs. C. It’s a restaurant, cocktail bar and night club all-in-one. And D. Because every now and then there’s a DJ playing music in the restroom area. That’s a first.

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The Garden of Five Senses is a park in South Delhi, which claims to stimulate all five senses with its beauty and attractions. A visit to restaurant Magique is where taste is put to the test. The larger (and more interesting) part of this dinner-only restaurant is located outdoors. Lush greenery, candles everywhere and comfy eco-chic seating areas: Magique is the perfect escape from the busy and noisy Delhi. Indulge your pre-dinner cocktail cravings with one of their creative mixtures, such as one of the dozen different flavored Martini’s. The food menu has a good selection of dishes with European, Asian or (modern) local flavors. After dinner, you walk through the garden to The Zoo (one of Delhi’s current hotspots) for some more drinks before heading back into the crowded city. Magique is a well-kept secret in Delhi; hardly any taxi driver knows how to get there, so be sure to get (and give) precise directions. And yes, please bring insect repellent. Mosquitoes seem to love this tropical little garden too.

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