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Joe & The Juice

When visiting London last December we discovered Joe & The Juice, not knowing at the time that you can find this juice bar in several countries throughout Europe. Joe & The Juice is not just another Juice Bar. The inside of the store is dark and edgy, which gives it cool underground vibes, like sitting in a dark, underground rave bar (except you’re drinking juice instead of beer). They get extra credit for the fantastic names on the menu like ‘Hangover Heaven’ and ‘Go away Doc’. Ánd they serve super healthy salads and sandwiches.
Joe & The Juice

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What a great solution for modern-day working girls (or guys) in the city: at Bilder&TheClercq you can choose between 9 different recipes and shop all the ingredients for it. The recipes are easy, no-nonsense, healthy and delicious! Shopping for dinner at this new hotspot in the Western area of Amsterdam means being aware of the environment and the world’s eco-system. Because if you need only one clove of garlic, you can just buy only one clove of garlic. Say goodbye to the days that you find rotten veggies in the back of your refrigerator.

Bilder and DeClercq

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Anokhi Café

When traveling in India’s Golden Triangle, Jaipur is a city you should definitely pay a visit to. Although this city is famous for its colored gems, when it comes to restaurants, a true hidden gem is hard to find. After eating only spicy Indian rice dishes you just might long for a different taste in a Western setting. Stepping into Anokhi Café is like a breath of fresh air in this sizzling hot city. With an all organic menu, easy breezy interior and friendly staff, this café is unique in the area. Most items on the menu consist of locally grown ingredients: fresh breads, cakes, snacks, “safe” salads and light seasonal dishes, everything with a tasty, international flavor. What else is so great about this place? It is part of the Anokhi shop next door, a brand known for traditional Indian clothing, linens and accessories with trendy designs. It’s probably the only place in Jaipur without the pushy sales people – perfect for an after-lunch shopping spree.


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