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It’s safe to say that talented chef and restaurateur Barbara Lynch has taken over Boston. With no less than 6 award-winning restaurants, a demonstration kitchen and catering business, she has gathered quite a fan base. Personally, we’re big fans of her Italian gem Sportello. The restaurant has a unique setting and the counter seating, open kitchen and small bakery create a laid-back vibe. The menu offers a small range of sophisticated Italian dishes that you won’t find in your ordinary trattoria. We highly recommend the strozzapreti with braised rabbit and the rohan duck. Just be sure to safe room for dessert – you can either visit the bakery counter for a homemade pastry or go with one of the classic menu items like affogato. The long marble counter zigzagging through the space is where you will be seated, so you might literally be rubbing shoulders with your neighbor. It’s not the ideal place for a romantic date but perfect for dinner with friends, a casual lunch or even dinner-for-one.

Sportello Boston interior

Sportello Gnocchi Sportello Boston bakery

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Take out 2.0. That’s what STACH in Amsterdam is all about. Forget the greasy pizza, oily Chinese food or plain squishy fries and the guilt right after. If you’re the type that ‘doesn’t cook’ because you have a ‘busy’ life, let STACH come to the rescue. Small bites, salads, entire Indonesian rijsttafels, cheese platters, meatloaf, pizza’s, wine… they have it all. Everything is fresh and the staff is super nice. You get everything wrapped in a cool newspaper. If you’re too hungry to wait until you get home, you can have a seat upstairs and eat your meal right there and then. STACH just took take away food to a whole new level.

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