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Hotel Modez

Coming soon: the grand opening of Hotel Modez in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Arnhem is Holland’s Milan. In other words: the fashion city of this tiny little country by the sea. Hotel Modez will be the first fashion hotel to open in Arnhem. With each room designed and decorated by another Dutch fashion designer, this hotel will be one unique piece of work. As from September 14th they will welcome guests, but you can already book your room online. What’s really cool is the room decorated by fashion house Spijkers&Spijkers. A dress from their summer collection is displayed on the wall and there will be a mobile system showing the patterns. This way, guests of the room can see how a dress like that is actually made. How cool. Famous fashion illustrator Piet Paris is responsible for the concept and art direction of the hotel. Paris has been working for magazines and corporate clients all over the world for more than 20 years now and can almost be determined as a fashion icon. Can this get any better? We have high expectations for this hotel. Can’t wait!

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OK, we’ve heard of all the coolest venues in Miami. The places where the celebrities have lunch, restaurants where the food is fresh, vibrant and delicious and of course the clubs where the music is spot on all night long. We love it. But! The one and only spot on Miami Beach where to find actual good Indonesian food is Indomania. People from all over the world come to this restaurant to enjoy real Indonesian food. Go with a group and let them bring you several appetizers and rijsttafels to try a great mix of flavors. An unforgettable experience ensured! And it’s a nice getaway from all the typical Miami food (a cultural fusion of Latin-American, African and European traditions). For all you Dutchies: it’s nice to know that the owner of this restaurant is Dutch. (He’s that friendly old guy that walks around and chitchats with everybody.)

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