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Bo Cinq

The populair bar and restaurant Bo Cinq, which opened it’s doors in 2009, has been re-decorating. The best feature is definitely the extremely long cocktail bar. On the menu is a mixture of tasty French and Arabic dishes. But you might as well skip dinner and order a cocktail. They are specialized in gin & tonics. L1004963-Edit L1003503-Edit

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The second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg, appears to be a great city-trip destination year-round. Thought you’d end up in a grubby city, full of concrete, industry and air pollution? Guess again. Hamburg is more of a ‘green city’ than one might think. Full of city parks, charming old buildings and villa’s… and of course the big Alster lake, Hamburg is actually quite chique. A perfect hang out for a Friday night cocktail (or any other night for that matter) is the 20up sky bar in the Riverside Hotel. On the 20th floor of this hotel, 90 meters above the roofs of Hamburg, the bar gives you an unforgettable view of the Elbe, the harbour and the city itself. Floor-to-ceiling windows (7 meters high!) and a cocktail menu the size of a phone book will make you stay up very late. Booking a room at the Riverside Hotel might not be a bad idea.

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Raines Law Room

What good can come from a law that prohibits the sale of alcohol, you might wonder? Step into New York’s finest speakeasy and find out for yourself. The Raines Law was passed in 1896 and restricted the sale of alcoholic beverages on a Sunday, except in hotels. Saloons quickly got around these regulations by adding small furnished bedrooms: Raines Law Hotels. Even though you are definitely not allowed to sleep at this modern-day Raines Law Room in Chelsea, the extremely dimly lit lights and velvety armchairs make it hard not to wander off to dreamland. A land with classy furniture,  fancy cocktails and overly-friendly mixologists. Ring a doorbell to gain entry, but be prepared to wait elsewhere until a spot frees up (reservations can only be made from Sunday to Tuesday by e-mail). Whether you have a private booth with friends or linger around the ‘bar kitchen’ (see picture) with your date, this quiet sexy little gem never gets old.

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Eclipse at W hotel

Just like a real eclipse, this Barcelona hotspot is hard to miss. When the W hotel opened its doors in 2009, the stunning architecture of this high-rise building instantly changed Barcelona’s skyline. The hotel’s rooftop bar Eclipse quickly became the place-to-be for local trendsetters and global jetsetters, where they sip their cocktails and dance into the early hours. Eclipse has a lounge-style interior and offers unparalleled views of the Mediterranean sea and shoreline from the 26th floor. Depending on the line-up, Eclipse is the perfect stop before hitting the Barceloneta clubs or maybe even stay until closing time. We promise you, with these views it’s hard to get bored. If you are impressed by the mixologist’s magical cocktail making skills, try the Eclipse masterclasses the next day.

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OK, we’ve got to be honest with you: the food is not the reason you go to Sirocco. You go there to dine alfresco at the 63rd floor and indulge in the breathtaking views of Bangkok city. This restaurant literally offers dining on top of the world, far away from the hot and smelly streets of Thailand’s capital. Sirocco is located in the State Tower, home to other great restaurants such as Mezzaluna, Cafe Mozu and Breeze. You enter Sirocco through a golden Dome and walk down illuminated steps – a true stairway to heaven. When you’re done admiring the view, get ready to enjoy some great live jazz performances. After dinner drinks are served at the Skybar, which you might recognize from the hit movie Hangover 2. Be prepared to pay extra, especially compared to common Thai price ranges. But it’s worth it!

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Vesper Bar

This tiny bar within walking distance from the Central train station has gained quite a reputation since its founding in 2010.  Named after the only Bond-girl that James ever really loved – Vesper Lynd – this bar serves a wide range of both shaken and stirred. Requests for cosmopolitans, mojitos or sex on the beach’s are grudgingly honored but if you want to make the bar tenders really happy, allow them to mix you their own cocktail. Freestyle. Cosy with a living room feeling yet sophisticated with an award winning bartender team at your service. Vesper Bar is definitely a hidden city gem.

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