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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat from the Boucan hotel group is highly recommended when staying on the island of Saint Lucia. Why? Because it’s situated on the most beautiful part of the island, away from the other enormous hotels/resorts, in a more secluded area. But the most important reason to go here is to immerse yourself in a world of chocolate. The entire resort (14 beautiful cottages) is built on a plantation that’s been harvesting cacao since the 1700’s. As a guest at the resort you can harvest your own cacao and make chocolate from it. Not in the mood for Do It Yourself? You can also just order the “Full Cacao” spa treatment or just kick back with a poolside martini.

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Grand Cafe and Beach

Imagine yourself sitting on the white sand, watching the sun go down in the sea, while enjoying a fine glass of champagne. That’s what to expect at the Grand Cafe & Beach in Cape Town. You can relax and do nothing, however this place is also perfect for having dinner with a group of friends. They have a really special appetizer: a freshly baked rectangular pizza, that stretches out over the entire table for everyone to enjoy. Straight from the authentic stone oven, this pizza is delicious. For their main courses they have fantastic meats and fishes. You won’t be disappointed. The industrial-esque interior makes it feel like you’re having dinner in an old warehouse, be it one with eye-catching furniture. Can we call it modernist kitsch? The wall behind the giant bar is completely covered with the most beautiful bottles of liquor. A must-visit when in Cape Town.

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