Stop reading this if you’re afraid of heights. Soaring 88 stories above the ground is this HIGH quality gem 360 Bar & Dining. A must-visit when you’re in Sydney. Next to the stunning bird’s-eye view of the city, the restaurant rotates to offer a 360-degree panorama. The menu is “modern Australian” with delicious fish dishes and a large selection of grill items (boy, do they love their barbie..!) Reserve well in advance on a quiet weekday so you can take your time to enjoy the views. Expect high (and fixed) prices. We would definitely recommend it for a special occasion or during a one-time visit to Sydney. Not willing to pay the price but dying to see the views? – Have a drink at the bar, just as spectacular.

360  3601

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Amid the glitz, glam and fakeness of Las Vegas, the Italian Enoteca & Pizzeria Otto is an oasis of sincerity. Fine wines, pure ingredients and friendly staff make this Mario Batali restaurant an appealing stop if you’re done with The Strip’s madness and are in need of some high quality food. Okay, so it’s located in fake Venice on the fake Piazza San Marco, with a view of fake street artists and an artificial blue sky. But with Nevada’s sizzling summers, you will be thankful to be dining “outside” with A/C temperatures. And its location in the large Venetian mall is actually perfect for people watching. So sip a glass of cool Prosecco, enjoy a thin-crusted pizza and dive into their large selection of formaggi from all regions of Italy.

We are sure you will appreciate Las Vegas cheesiness a whole lot better this way.

Otta Las Vegas St. Mark's Square

Otto Las Vegas interior

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What a great solution for modern-day working girls (or guys) in the city: at Bilder&TheClercq you can choose between 9 different recipes and shop all the ingredients for it. The recipes are easy, no-nonsense, healthy and delicious! Shopping for dinner at this new hotspot in the Western area of Amsterdam means being aware of the environment and the world’s eco-system. Because if you need only one clove of garlic, you can just buy only one clove of garlic. Say goodbye to the days that you find rotten veggies in the back of your refrigerator.

Bilder and DeClercq

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The Little Door

In the mood for a romantic evening? Step into The Little Door. The “hidden” doors might not reveal much, but once you step inside…romance galore! Candles, soft music, brick flooring and beautiful plants turn this restaurant into an enchanted garden. The Mediterranean menu matches the rustic decor, with classic ingredients in modern-style dishes. Prices are a little steep but romantic dinners are not the occasion to be stingy, right? When you plan to come with a group, check out the private dining options, such as the Blue Room or Piano Room. Make sure not to confuse this restaurant with the brasserie Little Next Door, which is – surprise – next door. It might have more curb appeal with the large patio out front, but when it comes to romance we believe nothing beats a hidden little garden.

The Little Door interior

The Little Door romantic

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Al Capriolo

Ski season in Europe has almost come to an end – spend your last snow-filled days at the exclusive ski resort Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy. Outside the town of Cortina you will find the amazing wild game restaurant Al Capriolo, which is definitely worth a visit. The interior is warm and inviting, with hunting trophies, roe deer (capriolo) antlers and wine bottles throughout the space. The restaurant has been managed by the same family for over a century and they really set the standard for quality regional cuisine. There is a great selection of wines to complement the awesome game dishes; treat yourself Italian style!

Al Capriolo Vodo di Cadore / Cortina Al Capriolo Michelin

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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat from the Boucan hotel group is highly recommended when staying on the island of Saint Lucia. Why? Because it’s situated on the most beautiful part of the island, away from the other enormous hotels/resorts, in a more secluded area. But the most important reason to go here is to immerse yourself in a world of chocolate. The entire resort (14 beautiful cottages) is built on a plantation that’s been harvesting cacao since the 1700’s. As a guest at the resort you can harvest your own cacao and make chocolate from it. Not in the mood for Do It Yourself? You can also just order the “Full Cacao” spa treatment or just kick back with a poolside martini.

hotel chocolat hotel chocolat2

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De Goudvisclub

A strange name for foreigners. Goudvisclub means goldfish club. Luckily it’s not goldfish that’s on the menu, it’s asian streetfood, delicious cocktails and fine wines. The place is open and spacious, perfect for bringing a group of friends and just eat, drink and talk for hours. Only a short walk from Amsterdam’s central train station you couldn’t be any more downtown than this. In the mood for dancing? You are lucky, because the popular bar and club Bitterzoet is literally next door.

De Goudvisclub

De Goudvisclub

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It’s safe to say that talented chef and restaurateur Barbara Lynch has taken over Boston. With no less than 6 award-winning restaurants, a demonstration kitchen and catering business, she has gathered quite a fan base. Personally, we’re big fans of her Italian gem Sportello. The restaurant has a unique setting and the counter seating, open kitchen and small bakery create a laid-back vibe. The menu offers a small range of sophisticated Italian dishes that you won’t find in your ordinary trattoria. We highly recommend the strozzapreti with braised rabbit and the rohan duck. Just be sure to safe room for dessert – you can either visit the bakery counter for a homemade pastry or go with one of the classic menu items like affogato. The long marble counter zigzagging through the space is where you will be seated, so you might literally be rubbing shoulders with your neighbor. It’s not the ideal place for a romantic date but perfect for dinner with friends, a casual lunch or even dinner-for-one.

Sportello Boston interior

Sportello Gnocchi Sportello Boston bakery

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Grace Hotel

Get ready for a blast from the past at the Grace Hotel in Dharamsala! This family-run hotel perfectly captures Indian heritage with colorful decorations in a peaceful environment. The staff are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home. Why visit the North of India, you might wonder?  – cool mountain air, lush green forests and scenic beauty. The best part about the Grace Hotel is that you are very close to the travellers’ Mecca McLeodganj without being stuck in the loud, touristy center. The hotel manager’s brother is more than happy to drive you up the hill to visit the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Bhagsu waterfall or to hang with the backpackers at Moonpeak Espresso. At the end of the day, return to the Grace Hotel for some peace and quiet while watching the sunset from the balcony. Be sure to request a room with a view – we promise it will take your breath away!

GraceHotel-2 GraceHotel-3 GraceHotel-1

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The Butcher

If you haven’t noticed yet, the someonetoldus-bloggers are quite fond of a good hamburger every now and then. That’s why when The Butcher first opened it’s doors in Amsterdam’s cosy  The Pijp area, we were one of the first to take a peek. High quality burgers (Aberdeen Angus Beef) are being cooked and served at the front area of the house. It’s a place to go for snack before going out (or even better: after having had too many drinks). But… when you walk all the way to the back of the place, there’s a big door that looks like it leads into a refrigerator or storage area. Guess again. Making a reservation through your special connections in Amsterdam might open this big secret door for you to see what’s behind it. How? We’re not going to tell.

The Butcher


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