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Amid the glitz, glam and fakeness of Las Vegas, the Italian Enoteca & Pizzeria Otto is an oasis of sincerity. Fine wines, pure ingredients and friendly staff make this Mario Batali restaurant an appealing stop if you’re done with The Strip’s madness and are in need of some high quality food. Okay, so it’s located in fake Venice on the fake Piazza San Marco, with a view of fake street artists and an artificial blue sky. But with Nevada’s sizzling summers, you will be thankful to be dining “outside” with A/C temperatures. And its location in the large Venetian mall is actually perfect for people watching. So sip a glass of cool Prosecco, enjoy a thin-crusted pizza and dive into their large selection of formaggi from all regions of Italy.

We are sure you will appreciate Las Vegas cheesiness a whole lot better this way.

Otta Las Vegas St. Mark's Square

Otto Las Vegas interior

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Even if you’re not lucky at the Vegas gaming tables, you’ll always have access to a million dollar view at Tod English’s Olives. This Mediterranean restaurant is located in the famous Bellagio Hotel & Casino and offers you amazing vistas of one of the top attractions of Las Vegas: the Bellagio fountains. Reserve your table after 9pm, when the worst heat is over, to be seated outside and have front row access to this jaw-dropping spectacle. Unlike the flashy dining scene you usually find on the Strip, Olives falls into the slightly more classy category. The food is good, with a nice selection of affordable flatbreads and pastas, and wines to pair them with. The waiters can be a little arrogant but the gorgeous views and entertainment will ensure a great night out. It’s extravagant, it’s fun; it’s Vegas at its best!


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