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Basilic Burger

If you’re thinking that sipping a cocktail at Saint Tropez’s most famous terrace Senequier is a tad too eccentric, a Basilic Burger will more than likely hit the spot. Walk away from the harbor into the little streets and alleys and look for a tiny little restaurant that astounds you with it’s charm. Truthfully, the little alleys around Place des Lices are all packed with charming restaurants and cafe’s, but if you stumble upon a yellow facade with chalk board menus on the wall, this will most likely be Basilic Burger. It is located on a tiny square called Place des Remparts. House specialty: burgers. Recommended: their Basilic Burger, a burger topped off with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil. The fries arrive in a cute mini frying basket. Order a fine boteille de vin blanc to accompany this delicious meal. Who needs big 10 million dollar yachts to look at and 18 euro cocktails to sip from when you have this fantastic little burger bar just around the corner?

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La Gree des Landes

The French region Brittany is more of a top10 destination than you might think. Not only the coastal area with it’s magnificent panoramic views, but also the inlands offer great spots for a weekend get-away. One of our favorites: La Gree des Landes, a unique eco-spa hotel like you’ve never seen before. This spa, built and developed by the Yves Rocher group, is ecological in every single way. Not only do they cook with biologically grown fruits and vegetables, they have eco wooden beds and eco paint on the wall. The spa works with Yves Rocher’s wonderful, ecological products. Perfect for a de-stressing break over the weekend. Had enough of the massages and hammam treatments? The area of La Gacilly (mr. Yves Rocher’s place of birth) is great for long walks in nature or great luncheons at the local restaurants, serving Brittany’s specialties. (Try the crepes and cider: delicieux.)

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The Japanese textile company UNIQLO is quickly becoming New York’s hottest retailer. Be sure to pay a visit to the brand’s flagship store in Soho to stock up on your favorite basics. Every (basic) garment you could possibly need can be found here and they are all made from the most huggable fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool. The best part is that it’s SO cheap that you can’t leave the store without at least one item. You can get a basic V-neck cashmere sweater for as little as $89,50 or a longsleeve natural skin T-shirt for only $12,90. With all those neat piles of colorful and touchable items, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store! The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to make the trip to one of the 3 New York stores since UNIQLO is also coloring the streets of London, Paris, Moscow as well as many Asian countries.

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