Sprinkles cupcake ATM

It’s pretty safe to say that cupcakes have become a big hit. These cute calorie bombs are thoughtful little presents, make a damn good dessert and brighten up your day! No wonder you would want access to them all the time, whether it’s with your morning macchiato or after a night of clubbing. Sprinkles, the self-proclaimed cupcake pioneer with locations all over the US, noticed a growing demand for late-night store hours but lacked the necessary staff. The solution is a 24-hour cupcake vending machine, featuring a touch screen to select your favorite cupcake and a robotic arm to pull it from a wall stocked with single serving boxes. The ATM-like machine had its debut in March and a couple more are planned to open this year (three in New York City!). Contrary to what you might think, the cupcakes from the vending machine taste as fresh as the ones from the shop, as the machine is continuously restocked and only offers same-day cakes. Although this cupcake development will not receive a warm welcome from dieters and health trend fans, we sure love it. After all, you can never have too much access to cupcakes!

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