The Verandah

India is a country of great contradictions, especially when you visit the larger cities where very poor neighborhoods can sometimes be found right outside the gates of the most impressive palaces. Therefore, in order to truly take in the Indian culture, we think it’s important to not only test your bargaining skills at local markets, but also experience a royal night out as a true Maharaja. Make reservations at The Verandah, the very best of the Taj Rambagh Palace’s three restaurants. This royal palace was the first to be turned into a heritage hotel in 1957. The royal experience starts as soon as you set foot on the hotel’s property. The neatly cut grass is bright green, the building’s royal features are perfectly lit and you are welcomed by the sweet smell of rose petals. Friendly waiters glide through the hallways wearing luxurious silk turbans and robes, smiling non-stop. This is the India of your dreams! Get a table on the grass to be able to admire the palace from the outside. The menu is nice, with a wide selection of international-with-a-twist dishes. Prices are sky-high and bargaining is not an option. But that has never stopped royalty, so why should it stop you?

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