Raines Law Room

What good can come from a law that prohibits the sale of alcohol, you might wonder? Step into New York’s finest speakeasy and find out for yourself. The Raines Law was passed in 1896 and restricted the sale of alcoholic beverages on a Sunday, except in hotels. Saloons quickly got around these regulations by adding small furnished bedrooms: Raines Law Hotels. Even though you are definitely not allowed to sleep at this modern-day Raines Law Room in Chelsea, the extremely dimly lit lights and velvety armchairs make it hard not to wander off to dreamland. A land with classy furniture,  fancy cocktails and overly-friendly mixologists. Ring a doorbell to gain entry, but be prepared to wait elsewhere until a spot frees up (reservations can only be made from Sunday to Tuesday by e-mail). Whether you have a private booth with friends or linger around the ‘bar kitchen’ (see picture) with your date, this quiet sexy little gem never gets old.

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