Pasta e Basta

Imagine your waitress, after she just poured you a glass of wine, suddenly grabbing the microphone and filling the entire restaurant with her beautiful voice. This is just a regular night at Amsterdam’s entertainment hotspot Pasta e Basta. Located in a cosy, candle-lit basement, this Italian restaurant is all about its singers and its high amusement factor. The place is known to be a breeding ground for new talent and especially the arias performed a capella style are truly breathtaking. The restaurant’s name loosely translates into “Pasta and that’s it!”. After enjoying their delicious antipasti buffet served out of a grand piano, pasta is exactly what you’re getting. The simple and unpretentious dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. Pasta e Basta’s owner, who possesses a strong passion for both music and Italy, proudly walks around the restaurant on most nights to greet customers like close friends. After being awarded honorary citizenship for organizing the city’s famous Prinsengrachtconcert (annual open air classical music concert), he is somewhat of a local hero. Book well in advance and bring a group of friends to enjoy the show. Don’t let the touristy vibe hold you back – there is a reason why Pasta e Basta is mentioned in most guidebooks!

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