A special name for a special restaurant. Since 2010 Amsterdam’s neighbourhood De Pijp has been enriched with this fantastic, not merely Italian restaurant. Aside from great pasta dishes and other local Italian food Pekelhaaring also serves French fish soup or caesar salad. They hate to call themselves an Italian restaurant, because they don’t want to adhere a stiff, inflexible concept, and just want to serve good food. Hey, who cares what you call yourselves? The food is magnificent! For the Pekelhaaring cooks substance is more important than form and presentation. So you won’t find fabulously decorated and garnished plates, but just simple, good food, in a wide open, cosy interior. The entire space is surrounded by big, wide windows which gives the restaurant a great, very international atmosphere. Good to know: during lunch hours they serve very tasty sandwiches for a very good price!

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