Roest just recently opened in June 2011: an old, empty, industrial barn turned into cafe/theatre/beachclub/exhibition space. Over 200 years ago VOC ships were build on this territory, but now it’s just empty, industrial premises by the waterfront. It’s almost as if you are entering New York’s Meatpacking District. What better place to think of to open Amsterdam’s newest hangout? Roest aimes to combine creativity, music, theatre, catering and relaxation. Meaning it’s not just a cafe, but also a festivity location. Especially during the summer it’s all fun and play at Roest. Think of open air movie nights, Friday night barbecue’s, art expositions, bonfire’s and nice beats from the DJ-booth. However, just chilling on the beach, sipping a cocktail, is also something worth considering. But other than a very friendly cocktail-shaker, don’t expect there to be a bar or serving personnel. Roest came up with the idea of ‘supermarket-cafe’. Grab a shopping basket, pick up your drinks from the fridge, and pay at the cash register. Very inventive.

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